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    Hi there! 

We're Josh and Andrea, and before we say anything else, can we just take a second to say "CONGRATULATIONS" to you and your Fiancé?? You two are embarking on such an incredible adventure, and we couldn't be more thrilled for you!

When we first got engaged, we quickly realized that the world of Weddings was pretty foreign to us, and we wish that we could have had someone to help us out with some of our big decisions! And today, this is where that desire brought us: The J+A Bridal Guide!

Below you will find our curated list of blog posts specifically designed to help you tackle some of the earliest decisions you'll have to make as you plan your wedding!

Next, you'll find links to three of our featured J+A Weddings so you can see
how some of these decisions play out during a real wedding day!

Finally, you might even be a J+A Bride yourself! We've placed a unique "Brides-Only" contact form at the bottom for you to get in direct contact with us!

     We can't wait to see the story you create for your wedding day!

                                                             - J + A

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The First thing to Inquire,
The First 
thing to book

When we started planning our wedding, we didn't know where to begin. So where do you typically go for help? Google. As amazing and informative Google is, it also gives you every single opinion anyone ever had. Not helpful. 


While WE may have not known all the in's and out's while planning our wedding, we don't want that to happen to you. We want to share with you the thing we have discovered to be one of the most important things to book FIRST when starting those amazing wedding plans.


Two is always better than one!

After all, what is Batman without Robin or Tom without Jerry? Two is often a number of safety, it means that you have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. Having two of something means that you have increased flexibility and creativity since your options have now doubled. And when all is said and done, having two things instead of one means that teamwork is involved, and a good team of two people can do things that one person by themselves can never dream of!

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Winning back "the First Look"

There he is, standing, waiting for you to call out his name. The memories of meeting, dating, and being engaged all flood into your memory as you softly walk closer to him. You can't wait for him to see you, in the perfect dress on the perfect day. You stop a few yards away, just to make sure that when he turns, he can see all of you the moment his eyes turn around. The butterflies are really flying now, and you open your mouth to ask to him to turn around...

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The Second "First look"

It's the quiet moment as her grandpa rounds the corner of the hotel room. It's the slight gasp as her Dad opens his eyes to see his baby girl dressed in white. It's the explosive energy that radiates from the bridesmaids as they see their best friend in the dress of her dreams. It's the "Second" First Look...and we are here for it!

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It's all in the Details

Every single bride and groom that we work with is beautifully unique. They all have different likes, different styles, and an overall different vibe for their wedding! However, as we think back over the weddings we've shot, there are few places where this comes to light more prominently than their bridal details! And while these might not be the portraits you have always dreamed about for your wedding day, these will definitely be the portraits that transport you back in time to the morning of your wedding day.