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Meet J&A

(Or at least meet our pictures)

     Josh and Andrea Caton are the husband and wife tag-team that comprise "Josh and Andrea Photography." As photographers who serve and live in the West Michigan area, the Catons are passionate about delivering quality images and quality experiences to their clients. So whether you are interested in a family shoot in the backyard, a senior year session in town, or a perfect wedding day package with one of the amazing wedding venues in the area; J&A are ready and excited to help you treasure your story for years to come! But don't take our word for it, we'll let the photographers speak for themselves!


  • Disney Princesses are Life

  • Extra HOT Hot Chocolate 

  • Hobby Lobby Guru

  • Outdoors over Indoors

  • Summer over Winter

  • Kids are my Comfort Zone

  • Calligraphy Artist

  • Hallmark Christmas Movies  

  • Homemade Vanilla
    Blue Bell Ice Cream​

Janelle and J&A-0083.jpg

  Her side of the story...

   Hi! I'm Andrea! I'm a kid-at-heart who loves anything Disney princess, hot chocolate with all the toppings, playing any sort of game outdoors, and hanging out with my best friend in the whole wide world: Josh.


   Photography has been my passion ever since I can remember. When given my first point-and-shoot film camera at 10-12 years old, I thought it was the best thing ever and that little camera went everywhere with me! After taking my film to Walmart and filling out the details form, I couldn't wait to receive the final product! And no, it wasn't for the expertise in my photography skills at 12 years old...but for the memories that would last a lifetime! My desire for all our clients is to create memories that will last for generations; not only captured in the printed form but also through the experience and fun we will give you as you have your photos taken! I can't wait to create those memories for you with my favorite side-kick by my side!

Janelle and J&A-0032.jpg


  • Coffee Fanatic

  • Mac Enthusiast

  • Tacos... and more tacos

  • Winter (over Summer)

  • "Futbol" Fan

  • Oreo Ice Cream

  • Mountain Dew Connoisseur

  • Lego Master Builder

  • Twix (The Right Side)

  • Dashboard Drummer

His side of the story...

   Hey all! Nice to meet you! Although I grew up just an hour outside of Atlanta, GA, I call Michigan my home now. I am majorly into coffee and majorly into Andrea (she’s the best) and when they both come together, that’s a perfect day for me!

    I originally became interested in photography a lot later than Andrea, and it was all because I received a 3-month subscription to a couple of beginner photography courses. After that, I was hooked and I learned as much as I could in order to make professional photography fun and exciting since I truly believe that anyone can enjoy having their photo taken, even if you don’t think you can! My goals at a photo shoot: 1) Create an awesome experience for you and 2) Create even better photos for you!

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