50 Years of Love | South Haven Beach, Michigan | Miles Family

We meet all kinds of people; people from different places, lifestyles, backgrounds, and etc. It's one of the favorite parts of our job! You just never know who is going to show up next and you will have the honor of getting to know!

But because we are in the wedding industry, we have favorites. It's such a joy to meet those newly engaged couples who are madly in love with all the excitement and eagerness for their new future together. But then you get those rare opportunities to meet those treasured couples who have withheld the test of time, the ups and downs of life together, and have been many years on this amazing journey we like to call "marriage".

The Miles-Extended Family was heading to South Haven, Michigan. Not only were they eager to party the days away on the beach and enjoy being with family, but they also had something to celebrate. Their parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! They decided that this needed documented in the way of family photos, and so that's when they contacted us!

This family was so much fun! They exemplified true joy while being together as a family and they were so genuine and sweet towards us as their photographers.

We also have to add in an a special note for the kids. The kids were ROCKSTARS! Trust us, as a kid, it's not the easiest thing to stand still for photos when there is a fun and inviting lake right behind you! But they were amazing. During the shoot we had to compliment the teen boys for their awesome attitudes and patience. Because as a teen, taking family photos is probably on the bottom of your list of things you want to do on vacation!

And then there's these two lovebirds. The two that made us so excited to write this blog! Wow...FIFTY years! Andrea may have had a blast getting to capture their individual photos while telling them that they were "relationship goals". They simply glowed around each other and you could tell that they were truly best friends.

Jim and Marilyn, thank you for your example to us of honoring your marriage covenant "til death do us part" and for still beaming around each other by showing off the love and joy of a long lasting friendship. May you have many many years more together!

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.

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