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A Day in the Life: COVID

Well....this wasn't planned!

Long story short, Josh had been struggling with a sore throat for slightly longer than normal, and after we realized that all the Hall's Lozenges in the world weren't helping, we were able to squeeze him into a doctor's visit where they immediately diagnosed him with a lovely case of STREP throat. After receiving antibiotics, we decided to have Andrea visit the next day, just because she was also feeling not 100%. Thankfully, her results came back as negative, and to celebrate, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat on the way home. Josh realized that COVID had come to visit the Caton household as he took his first bite, gave a very confused look at his food, and looked over at Andrea and said, "Well...I'm pretty sure this food has no flavor." The next 24 hours was filled with scheduling tests and hunkering down, waiting for the symptoms to subside.

As we sat at home, finishing out our quarantine (which is thankfully already over by the time you read this) the past two weeks have given us some time to slow down, watch a little too much tv, and simply recharge. Before you wonder, yes, we are both totally fine, and although Josh was hit slightly harder than Andrea was, we are both on our way to making a full recovery. Josh has spent the last two weeks on the couch while Andrea stayed in the back bedroom, and while Josh lay (in his words "completely bored to tears") on the couch, he noticed the sign hanging on the wall that we had bought last year. It's a simple sign with words from one of our favorite worship songs, and ironically, in his first week back to church this upcoming Sunday, we are scheduled to sing it. So instead of filling up a blog post with our own thoughts and opinions, we just wanted to use this week as an encouragement.


I count on one thing The same God that never fails Will not fail me now You won't fail me now In the waiting The same God who's never late Is working all things out You're working all things out

Yes I will, lift You high in the lowest valley Yes I will, bless Your name Oh, yes I will, sing for joy when my heart is heavy All my days, oh yes I will

This life is always going to hit us with things we aren't expecting, some good and some bad; but the question we all need to ask ourselves is simple: what are we trusting in? Or more specifically, what are you trusting in? We've learned time and time again that when we trust in ourselves, things NEVER end well. But when we trust in God, well, like the song says "He's working all things out!" And that gives us hope; we hope it does for you too today!


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