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A Luxury Glamping Experience | The Fields of Michigan | Drishti + Rajan

Have you ever wanted to go camping but still have some of the comforts of home? Before Drishti and Rajan, we didn't even know that this unique place existed! Now, because of this adorable couple, we got to see this luxurious glamping experience up close as we had the honor of capturing special photos celebrating Drishti and Rajan's 3rd wedding anniversary!

Meet Drishti and Rajan. This energetic Indianapolis couple came all the way to South Haven, Michigan, to celebrate their 3 years of marriage journey. Drish contacted us at the beginning of June to see if we would be interested in doing a collaboration shoot with them while they visited The Fields of Michigan. And of course we said, YES! This sweet girl is a rock star influencer on IG and she is tearing it up with her business! Give her a follow @journeywithdrish to see her fun personality, true joy, and huge passionate heart for everything she does! Then there's her best friend and loyal companion, Rajan. Rajan is the absolute sweetest! Did we mention that he willingly did not one, but TWO photoshoots with his wife on this trip? His love and true devotion was inspiring! He and Josh had fun bonding over their love for guitars and their "eagerness" to do photoshoots with their crazy-photo-loving wives. This couple was a genuine honor to meet and they brought smiles to our faces!

Meet The Fields of Michigan. Like we said before, this luxurious glamping place is a sight to behold! From the exquisite and roomy tents (complete with bathrooms and king sized beds!:O), to the fun lounge chairs and fire pit, to the trendy bikes provided at each campsite, this place is ONE OF A KIND! It's nestled in a woods surrounded by blueberry fields. You are served spectacular breakfasts at your tent, chef prepared dinners at the lodge, s'mores at the large camp fire, and much more! Check this awesome place out to discover a camping experience like none before!

Drish and Rajan, thanks for letting us tag along to get to meet you both and explore new places! Keep enjoying the journey with each other and bringing a smile to everyone you meet! Best of everything to you both!

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.


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