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A Yacht and Beachside Family Photo Shoot | New Buffalo, Michigan

We drove down the coast as the sun dipped lower and lower towards the horizon. "This light is going to be PERFECT," we thought as we pulled into New Buffalo for our next family shoot. Even though Josh has been in Michigan for almost 6 years, he is still learning about all of the towns near us; and New Buffalo (along with the amazing family we were about to meet) did not disappoint!

Meet the Oberman Family! This awesome crew has been living on this side of the lake since COVID 19 happened and have been spending time getting their house to looking EXACTLY how they want it! When Kim first contacted us and asked about beach and boat photos, we knew that this shoot would be right up our alley, and we are SO thankful we were able to make it happen!

Family photos sitting in the beach sand with dog dune grass New Buffalo Michigan

Let's get real for a minute; photoshoots and guys normally do not mix well. Back before he learned photography, Josh had no real interest in being in photos, or taking photos...or being anywhere near a camera. It's genuinely hard if you aren't used to being in front of a camera, but Nick and his three boys were SUCH troopers when it came to their photoshoot! (Smiling for 90 minutes: not the easiest thing to do!)

We've noticed recently that many of our clients ask about dogs and if it is "ok" for their dogs to be in some photos! Well, for the Oberman Family, Roxy is a part of the family, so of COURSE she could be in some of the photos! We normally encourage our families to add their more "furry" members in a little bit later into the shoot, unless they'd like a potential "paw print pattern" on their outfits.

family of 5 sitting and laughing by yacht boat new buffalo michigan

And who says you have to be out on the water to get some "boat pictures"? The boys had the great idea of hopping up onto the bow which created some of our favorite images from the shoot! This highlights one of our favorites aspects of family photoshoots: sometimes our littlest models have the best ideas for photos. (So parents, make sure you listen the next time your children wants to take a picture in a specific spot, it might just surprise you how good it turns out!)

family of 5 photos standing and laughing on bow of yacht boat new buffalo michigan
fluffy dog on bow of yacht boat new buffalo michigan
family of 5 photos standing laughing on bow of yacht boat new buffalo michigan
family of 5 photos standing laughing on bow of yacht boat new buffalo michigan

Obermans, we truly enjoyed getting to hang out for the evening with you all. We love how you as a family took a tough situation like COVID and turned it around into a good thing! (Plus, we probably would have never gotten to meet you otherwise!) Always keep playing and having fun with each other, after all, what's a life with no fun? Oh, and we still need to find some certain YouTube channels that we talked about too. ;)

family of 5 photos sitting laughing in beach sand dune grass Lake Michigan
family of 5 photos sitting in beach sand dune grass Lake Michigan
Family of 5 walking laughing on beach sand Lake Michigan
young boy looking down beach photos dune grass Lake Michigan
husband and wife sweet moment photo beach Lake Michigan