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Allison + Adam | Engagement | Something Blue Berry Farm

Genuine. That's the one word we would pick if we had to describe Allison and Adam.

When Allison and Adam first contacted us last year, they asked us about doing their wedding reception here in Michigan. They were getting married in Iowa and then returning a week later for a reception to be held for friends and family in Michigan. We were excited for the opportunity to be able to capture this event for them!

Then in typical J&A fashion (normally over dinner or cups of coffee), we got together with them to get to know them a little bit more. We loved the chance to get to hear about how they met and the story of their proposal. We also got to see their true heart for not only each other, but for others in the way they interacted and treated those around them. We were later excited to find out that they wanted us to travel to Iowa to capture their actual wedding day as well. And of course, we said "YES!"

After taking their engagement photos a couple weeks ago, Josh and I commented about how genuine Allison and Adam were. They are 100% real in every interaction and just a pure joy to be around! If you ever meet them, be prepared to love them right away because of how sweet and kind they are!

Allison and Adam, we couldn't be more excited for your special day(s) that we get the honor of spending with you! Keep bringing light and joy to everyone you meet!

Shout out to Steve and Carolyn at Something Blue Berry Farm for allowing us the privilege of shooting at their beautiful venue! We may have been geeking out over backdrop of the gorgeous fields and landscapes!

Oh yes, and this photo up top? This one is for all of Adam's friends and family who say that they don't know what Adam looks like without a hat. Don't worry. It's still him!;)

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.


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