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Amanda and Francis' Engagement Shoot in South Haven

The fall colors had just started peeking through the leaves. Warm summer evenings began to slowly give way to cooler weather; and by the time we met Amanda and Francis for their engagement shoot, we were meeting over hot coffees instead of iced.

Their love of books and boats are second only to their love for each other, and we could immediately see that these two were made for each other! Amanda and Francis wanted to get their engagement photos done as quickly as possible, so we all decided to risk the weather and capture a “fall-themed photo shoot” before the gorgeous orange and yellow colors left the South Haven forests. To put it simply… we were not disappointed.

South Haven delivered some of the best portrait locations we have found so far; from a tiny park off the beaten trail to an incredible walkway complete with overhanging trees! These two were constantly willing and ready for the next set of poses, which allowed us to get everything from adorable “lying down” photos to stunning “lifting” portraits! We left our portrait session counting the days until April, when we were going to meet with Amanda and Francis for their wedding day.

And then….life happened.

As the reports started rolling in towards the beginning of March, we never dreamed that one of our sweet couples could be affected by something like this. However, it wasn’t long before we got the text where Amanda shared that, for the sake of safety and the love for their guests, they had decided to postpone their wedding. Our hearts were instantly broken for these two; to be so close to their big day, only to have it moved further away from them. But through it all, Amanda was so optimistic, commenting “it’s like the colors were meant to be with my choice of gem!” We were, and still are, completely blown away by how these two are taking such a difficult situation and handling it was such grace and kindness towards others. (In other words, these two are rockstars!)

Thankfully, their new date was still free on our calendar, so we can’t wait to share in their joy and love later this year! Stay tuned, it’s going to be a fall wedding to remember!


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