Anna and Spencer | Engagement Shoot | Holland, Michigan | Riley Trails

Their second date was a hike through a park that was close to their church. One has to wonder; did they know that in the future, this very park would be the place where they would celebrate their upcoming wedding by getting their engagement photos taken? Maybe they did, or maybe it was just a hope; but either way, Anna and Spencer are two people that we can promise you will love to meet!

Hiking has always been a big part of Anna and Spencer's relationship, but the beach is also a staple "date" location for them; so when they had a hard time deciding where they wanted their engagement photos, we all agreed: "We should just do both!" By using some creative flexibility with our scheduling and using their previous knowledge of the areas, we were able to get "two engagement shoots for the price of one!"

As soon as we got out of the car to meet Anna and Spencer, we could easily tell that these two not only love each other, but they genuinely love life as well! We almost never had to ask them to laugh or smile for a photo because they were already laughing or smiling! We loved how Spencer would occasionally look at his bride-to-be when the camera wasn't on them and just smile, making sure she was enjoying the evening.

Anna and Spencer, we know we sound like a "broken record," but we really cannot wait to spend your wedding day with you! Your love for each other and your love for God is infectious and as we got to learn more about you and about your lives, we can only see the possibilities for when you "two" finally become "one." What an amazing day to look forward to! Until then, we'll be counting down the days!

Love you guys! - J&A

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