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Bailey + Ryan | Gleeful, Summer Wedding | Marion Magnolia Farms | Cassopolis, MI

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

There is simply something different about a wedding day where everyone just knows how to have fun! The schedule stays on track while not feeling rushed, and the photos seem to have a special "life" to them. All of this and more can be said about Bailey and Ryan's wedding day, where laughter was the soundtrack for the whole day, from the champagne being popped to the last enormous group photo at the end of the evening! Laughter is truly the best medicine, and when you add laughter and fun to a wedding day, the result is something truly magical.

Although the month of August is normally filled with 90+ degree days with soaring humidity, Bailey and Ryan managed to get married on a day that was literally out of a fairy tale. Between the perfect light and spotty clouds, These two had the perfect weather for not only all of their portraits, but also for their ceremony, reception, and stunning golden hour portraits to end out the evening! Throughout the day, we keep seeing moments between Bailey, Ryan, and those around them that confirmed for us all over again why so many people made the trip over to Michigan to celebrate these two!

Marion Magnolia is still one of the West Michigan's "hidden gems" as far as venues go, especially for photographers and couples who love that "light, joyful style" for images! Bailey and Ryan could not have picked a better location for their destination wedding, as friends and family from Chicago flocked around the lake to celebrate these two! Not only did their friends and family come to celebrate, but they brought another level to the laughter and fun which made the evening full of moments where the whole barn literally roared in laughter and applause.

Bailey and Ryan, thank you for bringing so much fun and laughter into our lives! From celebrating with your girls as you popped champagne, to laughing with you and your guys during bridal party photos, your laughter and love of fun was such a challenge to us. Sometimes, people get too bogged down with "life" and forget to have fun on this journey we are all on; but we know that for you two, the fun is just beginning now that you are husband and wife! Always keeping bringing the laughter and fun to those around you!

All our best!

J + A