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Brennan Family | St. Joe, MI | Silver Beach | Family Photo Shoot

When people ask us "How did you all grow your business so quickly?" we always smile and say one word: "Instagram." Seriously, that little app has allowed us to interact with and meet so many new friends and followers; and when one of these followers reached out for a family session, we already felt like we knew her and her family before the session even started!

Mckenzie and David's love story began at church, where they met each other in the same college group, and well, let's just say that things turned out really well for them! They are now married, super in-love, and are legitimately awesome parents to their son, Mitchell. Which, speaking of Mitchell, let's just say that this champion did in-CREDIBLE during the entire photo shoot! Since we always try to get the best light possible for our clients, we all wondered how Mitchell would do with their photo shoot landing right around his bedtime. Needless to say, bedtime was the last thing on his mind as he got to play on the beach and in the sand for most of the session when he wasn't taking photos!

And lest you think that we only meet with our clients one time and then we go our separate ways, think again! Andrea had to honor to see the Brennans again a few months later as we got to capture their extended family's photos as well!

Brennan family, you all are the best! The only way this shoot could have been any better is if we knew we were going to get to hang out with you all again later in the year...oh wait, we did! We are already looking forward to seeing you and your whole family for a THIRD time sometime in the future! You all are loved!

- J&A

(But ADORABLE are these of Mitchell looking at his momma?!)

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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