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Caitlin + Nick | Joyful Family Wedding | Black River Barn | South Haven, MI

He rubbed his little eyes as he slowly woke up from his nap. The day had been a whirlwind of activity, way more than what he was used to, and by the time the afternoon had rolled around, it was everything he could do to keep his eyes open. And these clothes he was wearing, "These are not normal in the least!" he thought, as his dad changed him out of his comfy shorts and into longer pants with suspenders. But the real question came when he was awakened from his nap to a beautiful woman dressed in white. She seemed vaguely familiar, and as he woke up more and more he suddenly realized that it wasn't just any woman in front of him: it was his mom. It was her wedding day, and Collin was getting a first look with her before she and his dad walked down the aisle and said "I do" to forever!

We could talk about Collin all day long, but since Caitlin and Nick were the ones ones getting married, we think it would be remiss if we didn't talk about them at least a little bit! Their wedding was the perfect balance of spending time with friends and family, celebrating their marriage, and completely rocking the dance floor! It was such a joy to see Caitlin and Nick move from table to table during the reception and watch each guest excitedly stand up to give them hugs and wish them congratulations! Our bridal portraits session with them brought back all of the fun memories we had on their engagement shoot, and when we see these two together, we are more convinced than ever that they are made for each other. If one moment from the day could capture how much these two love each other, it would have to be when Caitlin had to literally force herself not to kiss Nick after he read his vows to her. "Oh I almost forgot! I can't kiss you yet!"

This was our second visit to Black River Barn in the last two weeks, and if we haven't said it enough, South Haven was gifted a gem when Black River Barn decided to make southwest Michigan its home. Even though Caitlin and Nick had eleven bridesmaids and eleven groomsmen, the bridal suite and groom's room were able to comfortably hold everyone in addition to giving both groups their own outdoor and indoor accommodations. We like to challenge ourselves to never shoot a venue the same way twice, and we were able to find some all-new locations for Caitlin and Nick's Bridal Portraits that ended up being, in one word, stunning!

Caitlin and Nick, we felt your kindness the very first moment we saw you last Saturday. From Caitlin's excitement to seeing Andrea walk into the bridal suite, to Nick's final words to Josh before we left, you guys have truly made us feel loved. As we follow your adventure, now as husband and wife, we can't wait to see you two grow even closer together and see Collin continue to grow as he watches you two and learns what it means to be a kind and thoughtful person in this world. You three are some of our favorite people and we are so thrilled for your family! All our best!

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This was such a sweet moment with Caitlin's mom and two sisters!

Caitlin, you were simply STUNNING!

We've known her for quite sometime, but we had the honor of finally working a wedding day with the amazing wedding coordinator Emily Goward with In the Details Weddings!