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Caitlin + Nick | South Bend, IN | Engagement Shoot

Photographer tip #312: When your engagement couple shows up with their baby who is dressed more "dapper" than you are, you know it's going to be a good evening.

The evening was simply perfect; the cold weather hadn't blown in yet, the sun was close to "golden hour," and Caitlin and Nick (with Collin rocking his suspenders) were complete rockstars! We spent the whole evening walking around downtown South Bend, chatting about their lives and constantly laughing about how cute Collin was being. We completed our posse with Grandma (who was the official "Collin-wrangler") while Mom and Dad got their J&A engagement shoot!

"Love" seems like too shallow of a word to describe Caitlin and Nick, but since it's the only one that we have, we'll just roll with that. Their teamwork in raising Collin is super apparent, both in person and on their socials (which we love following!), and we loved getting to see them love on each other and on their baby boy during the entire session.! Each and every location we suggested to them was greeted with a smile and a "Yep!" from both Caitlin and Nick; even when we took them to some areas that may not have looked the most "photogenic." Their trust in us allowed us to get some of favorite shots of the night, which gets us even more excited for their wedding next year!

Caitlin and Nick, we simply love your little family. The love you have for each other is only going to grow, and by the time we get to your wedding, we can't imagine how much joy there will be as Collin watches his Mom and Dad get married! Until then, we count the days until we get to capture all of the beautiful moments of your wedding day!

- J&A

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