Canfield Family | Niles, Michigan | 2019 Throwback

Most of our clients are brand-new friends just waiting to happen! We are always getting inquiries from people who we have never met, but by the time the session is done, we feel like we have known each other for years! (Or at least that’s how we feel!) But this family…is something special. We’ve known Zac and Elaine for years, and as their family has grown with the addition of little ones, we’ve gotten to know their kiddos too! So for this shoot, we got to skip right past the “pleasantries” and got right to the laughing and having fun!

Zac and Elaine met each other in the same ministry where Andrea and Josh met, Life Action. While traveling on the same “road team,” Zac and Elaine began dating after we did but they evened it out by getting married first! Life eventually pulled us apart and while we stayed state-side, Zac and Elaine felt called to missions work on the other side of the world! Fast forward a few years, and they were back in the states waiting to see which country they would be serving in next; and when they called us to see if we could possibly squeeze them in for some updated family photos, we couldn’t say no!

Even though Josh couldn’t make it to the shoot, the fun flowed the entire evening! Zac and Elaine’s three kids are FULL of life and personalities, which made getting smiles from everyone a piece of cake! Since Josh couldn’t make it to this shoot, Andrea pulled along our awesome sister-in-law, Lisa, who did such a good job as second shooter that, for a little while, Josh was concerned for his job!

Zac and Elaine, we can’t believe that this photoshoot was over a year ago; and we also can’t believe how much your little family has grown! Whenever we see your kiddos, we see such shinning examples of parenting done well and with love! We truly love you all and are so honored to have you as friends! We are still looking forward to the day that we can all sit on the porch and watch our kids play soccer together! It’ll be such a sweet day!

- J&A

(Insert "heart eyes emoji" to that adorable little smile!:D)

Yes, it is always crucial to just get "Dad and Mom" photos during EVERY family shoot! CUTE are these two?!?

We MAY have given this sweet girl the "little model" title for the evening!

P.S. Thank you, Niles, Michigan! You and your beautiful park with quaint ivy building were good to us this evening! Plus it super helped having this fantastic model-status family who ROCKED IT!:D

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography INC.


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