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Christmas 2022 Blog

Tis the season!

As we take the next few days to enjoy time with friends and family, we still wanted to take a moment to write a special post for you; the people who follow, like, share, and support us in this amazing life we live!

This Christmas, however, we want to give you a gift! We feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to meet and interact with so many of you, and yet, we often feel like we've been given this position not just to run a business, but to do our very best to make an impact in this world.

So this season, we want to fulfill this goal by a simple challenge to each and every one of you this Christmas season. Josh was recently preaching at our church and he gave us a simple challenge: "Sometime this Christmas season, why don't you sit down with your family and just read the Christmas story from the Bible?" After all, if Christmas is really about Christ's birth, it makes sense it take 5 minutes from a busy month and just remember what this season is all about, even if we are already PAST Christmas Day!

So that's our gift to you! And to make it even easier, these are the verses Josh shared with our church to help you know exactly where to read:

- Luke 1:26-38

- Luke 2:1-40

- Matthew 2:1-12

So Merry Christmas from the Catons to you! We hope to see so many of you again in 2023!

All our best!

J + A

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