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Deanna + Ben | Downtown Chicago | Engagement Session | Chicago, Il

The storm clouds continued to roll in as they had done the whole morning. The sun that we had been waiting for was hopelessly lost behind the clouds; and as the Chicago skyline rose into view, the tiny water droplets on our windshield told us that we were in for a very interesting evening. Our only hope: "Please let it just drizzle; we can work with drizzle. Please let Deanna and Ben's engagement shoot not get rained out."

We got to meet Deanna and Ben over Zoom and when they told us about their idea for a Downtown Chicago engagement shoot, we couldn't wait to jump in our car and hop "across the lake!" When we pulled up to their house, Deanna offered to drive us to the different spots (an offer which Josh greatly appreciated...he's not the biggest fan of driving in Chicago) and we quickly became surrounded by the towering buildings and tunnels of Chicago.

Deanna and Ben truly love each other and they truly love their city! Our entire drive was filled with Deanna and Ben telling us about certain buildings that we drove by and restaurants that they loved throughout the city. When we travel, we often leave a city enjoying because of the city itself, but after our car ride with Deanna and Ben, we found ourselves genuinely sad that we were having to leave this city that we had just started learning about.

These two are a powerhouse couple! Once Josh found out that one of them worked for Pepsi and the other for a candy company, he was completely captivated with asking them questions about their jobs. But what was even more evident than their passion for their jobs was their excitement over the fact that they are soon getting married. We often saw Ben lean over to Deanna during the shoot to make sure that she was enjoying it, and whenever they would talk about each other, the slightest smile escaped their lips.

Deanna and Ben, we know we don't have to tell you about how much we enjoyed our evening with you...but we will anyways! When we see the two of you together, we can so easily see how you were made for each other. Your dreams and your goals align so well which each other; and when we think of how much you both do separately, we can't imagine what you two will be able to accomplish when you become one! We had so much fun in Chicago, but next time, how about we hang out in September...sound like a plan?

- J&A

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