Dillon and Amber's Maternity Shoot in South Haven, Michigan

New life is something to celebrate, especially in this crazy season that we find ourselves in. Although there were rumblings of a new "disease" on the horizon, the biggest worry with our maternity shoot with Dillon and Amber was the intense winds that whipped through the streets of downtown South Haven on a cold, Saturday afternoon. However, creativity and resourcefulness won out over the elements as we loved getting to spend the afternoon with these soon-to-be parents!

We instantly related to Dillon and Amber when we found out that Dillon is originally from Michigan (Like Andrea) and Amber is from down south (like Josh)! It was apparent almost instantly that even though the temperature was low, their excitement level was through the roof as they shared about meeting each other and thinking ahead to the idea of soon "becoming parents!" However, since we had just entered into March, we still had to come up with some creative ways to keep our teeth from chattering during the photos! We're just thankful that South Haven has so many little side roads so that we could move our car up to the shoot location so we could let "momma" warm up whenever she needed it!

Being flexible has always been an important quality that we want to lean into as photographers. Sometimes changing the plan is the BEST thing that you can do. Before our shoot even started, Dillon mentioned a possible "forest path location" that he knew of and we knew that we had to try it before the session was over! Some of our favorite photos from the shoot came there as we spent half of our time in South Haven and half of our time on the forest trail that Dillon and Amber often go hiking on. Staying flexible is so important...especially in the day and age that we are living in right now.

Dillon and Amber, we are beyond thrilled for you two! We cannot wait to rejoice with you both when the big day comes. We love you guys and can't wait to experience this new season of life with you! - J&A


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