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Emily + Jalen | Engagement | Al Sabo Land Preserve | Kalamazoo, MI

Connections are funny things. Whether through work, family, or friendships, we form connections to so many different people throughout our lives. However, one of our favorite moments in life is when different connections come together to make a brand new one! That's the story of how we got in contact with Emily and Jalen, and as we think back over the years of how many times we been around them (but never them as a couple), the magic of connection becomes real to us all over again!

As we strolled through the woods of Al Sabo with Emily and Jalen, we had a feeling that this was going to be an amazing evening! Emily and Jalen work for and travel with the same ministry that we both did before we got married, so they have the unique title of being the only couple we've worked with that met the "same way that Josh and Andrea did!" Andrea has known Emily for quite a few years, and both Emily and Jalen travel with Andrea's sister; but this was the first evening that we got to hang out with them together and get to know them as a couple! Emily and Jalen filled the session with moments of fun as we often caught them having little moments of "craziness" while we were switching lens. Some of our absolutely favorite portraits from the evening came from them simply being "them," and we think that is such a beautiful thing!

In case you were wondering, Al Sabo is still there and we still love it! Every time we go to this beautiful preserve we find new places that simply blow our mind with the beautiful light! Our signature "path of trees" were goals (as always) but before we headed to the field, we found a small alcove in the woods that allowed the light to perfectly dance around Emily and Jalen, framing them with the "glow" that we are always searching for during our sessions! We arrived at our favorite field even earlier than usual and were able to use the extra time and sunlight to capture even more glow-y portraits before ending out with our favorite tree in the whole world!

Emily and Jalen, the fun and joy that you both infuse into life is absolutely contagious! We found ourselves talking about how fun you both were on the way home, and how your fun feeds into each other in such a way, that we are pretty sure you both can enjoy any situation, as long as you both are together! Life is such a grand adventure, and when the rough times come, make sure to never forget that fun and laughter can be the best thing to turn a tough situation into a promising opportunity. You both are loved, and we can't wait to see you next month!! All our best!

J + A

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