Emily + Josh | Round Barn Winery | Engagement Session | Baroda, MI

Life is short, far too short to spend your life with someone who doesn't infuse fun and joy into your life. Sometimes that "fun" can be sweet and playful, and other times it can be passionate and romantic. And then...there's some times...when that "fun" comes out as cracking jokes with each other and sarcasm flowing in and out of the conversation. So, which of these three do you think we got the enjoy last week with Emily and Josh?

When we were already laughing three minutes into meeting Emily and Josh at Round Barn Winery for their engagement shoot, we knew that we were going to get along splendidly with these two! Emily and Josh have the kind of playful relationship where their comments to each other bring both lovingly laughter and heavy eye-rolls. Andrea's Josh and Emily's Josh quickly found themselves in the middle of a "corniest joke competition," which simply brought on more eyerolling, now from both of the ladies as they walked through the vineyards rows.

However, one of the most memorable parts of this session was Emily and Josh's request for Josh to take some of their pictures with Josh in his military "uniform." This is clearly a major part of their life and their story together, and we were honored to capture these special photos as they celebrated not only their love for each other but also Josh's service to our country over the past years. (And yes, some of Josh's jokes revolved around the idea of "But wait! If he's wearing camouflage, then no one will see him in the photo!")

Emily and Josh, please don't ever stop your quick-witted humor and your enjoyment of life with each other. This world will always try to drag you down, but after spending the evening with you, we can easily say that you two will be able to laugh at anything life can throw at you! Last week got us so excited for your wedding next year! We can't wait to see you then...and maybe by then, Josh will have his jokes up to par!

- J&A

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