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Extended Family Shoot | Engel Farms

When Amanda Brown contacted us about doing an extended photo shoot with Jake's side of the family, we couldn't be more excited! Not only did we get to meet his mom and siblings, but we also met the cousins of our already beloved Brown kiddos!

From start to finish, this family was AWESOME!! We always like to ask our families a couple days in advance to give us a "shot list" of all the desired family groupings. This family was ON POINT as we rolled through the several variations along with a location change as well.

If you wonder what all is captured during an extended family shoot, here are just SOME of the groupings we love to capture, plus the other variations the family desires!

  • Whole Group

  • Individual Families

  • Couples

  • Cousins

  • Grandparents with Kids

  • Etc.

We always LOVE it when there's extra time to throw in more groupings! This time we were able to snap some individuals of the kiddos. And did we mention how amazing these kids were?!

Big shout out to Engel Farms! Susan was absolutely the sweetest to let us snap these memories on her gorgeous property! Thanks, Susan!

Let's also talk about the coordination of all these outfits. This family deserves a round of applause because they NAILED IT! In our Style Guide we send out to our families, it gives several tips on how to coordinate the whole look. One thing we challenge our families is to keep in mind that their outfits will look the most cohesive on camera when the color palette and clothing pieces coordinate, but don’t actually “match.” So yes, we will say it again. Well done, all!

One of our favorite moments was when Margie was so sweet and came up to us asking, "Could you possibly get just one of my kids and grandkids so I can hang it on my wall?" (Insert heart-eyes emoji!) Awww YES, of course we can!

Brown-Extended-Family, thanks for being so chill and willing to go with the flow for anything! You made our job so easy! It was a blast getting to record these special moments for your family!

Also, if you've been thinking "I think I've seen this family before..." You have! We had the honor and fun of taking the Brown family photos last summer on the beach! But this year there was a change. Can you spot the difference between these two photos?;)

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.


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