Eyliana + Matt | Engagement Session | Al Sabo Land preserve | Kalamazoo, MI

The wind briskly whistled through the trees as we walked through along the dirt trail. Although we were surrounded by the woods, the wind still found its way to us, and not even our warm jackets could keep us from the occasional shiver. But thankfully, Matt was there, and that was enough for Eyliana. Whenever the wind blew and the cold air rushed in, he was more than happy to wrap her up in his arms and keep her toasty warm...

If we've said it once, we've said it a hundred times: there is nothing like being engaged! It's the only season where you get to call each other "fiancé" and the moments of love are almost unlimited. We are so often reminded of this on our engagement shoots, but with the cold weather blowing in on the last day of November, our engagement shoot with Eyliana and Matt was the perfect celebration of "being engaged!"

When we saw what the weather was going to be like, Eyliana and Matt's response was simply "We're just going to embrace the winter vibe for our photos!" Seriously, can you say "glass-half-full" kind of people? These two are simply the sweetest, and their joy for life and each other was apparent the moment they stepped out of the car. On our walk between locations, the four of us were sharing our life experiences when we suddenly realized that Matt, Josh, and Andrea had all worked for the same ministry 6-8 years ago! The next five minutes was filled with us trading names back and forth, along with plenty of "Oh course I know them! Do you know so-and-so too?" In a year where we have sometimes felt "distant" from others, it was a beautiful reminder that in spite of 2020, we still have lots of connections with others, and those connections DO matter!

Eyliana and Matt, we left your session feeling like we were leaving friends. The only thing that kept us from being sad is the fact that we get hang out with you next year! Until then, enjoy this time that you two get to spend with each other! We know that living so far apart can be difficult, but how cool is it that you have gotten to spend so much time together these past few weeks, and now you get Christmas together! You two are so loved, see you soon!

- J&A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC


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