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Gracie + Joe | Backyard Wedding | Bangor, MI | Elopement Coverage

As our little green Kia rolled up to the bride's farm house, our eyes opened wide as we saw her backyard; which had been transformed into a gorgeous "venue," complete with multiple tents, photo booth, and Gracie's vintage truck doubling as their drink station. Everything about this wedding was such an encouragement to us; because in spite of another covid couple having to change their plans and their venue, their creativity won the day in a wedding that was "totally them!"

"Thoughtful." When we think of Gracie and Joe, both separately and together, the word "thoughtful" comes into our mind. And it's not because they made a huge display of being thoughtful...but it was the quick moments when we saw them talk with a guest. It was when we saw them make sure that they spent specific time with their moms on their big day. It was the moments where they kept making sure that everything was perfect for their guests, because in their mind, this celebration was for everyone, not just themselves.

Even when we are separate on the first parts of the wedding day, we can always feel the excitement of the bride and groom as it rises through the afternoon as the ceremony approaches. Gracie and her girls got ready in her house while Joe and his guys took the woods in an attempt to make sure that they didn't see each other before the ceremony. Andrea's time with the ladies was spent capturing Gracie's details and organizing a special "first look" with Gracie's Dad, while Josh made sure that Joe and his guys got all of their photos done before the ceremony so they could get to the reception even faster!

Gracie and Joe, you have just begun one of the best adventures in the entire world! We loved seeing how you two balance each other out so well, and we know that together, you both are going to be such an example of love to your friends and families! Remember to always stay thoughtful, not only of others, but as of each other! You two have such a fun ride ahead of you! Congratulations!

- J&A