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J&A Throwback: Summer Wedding at Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn in Berrien Springs

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

bride and groom hidden vineyard wedding barn Justin Alexander tree

Morning dawned as the sun rose just like it had done for the last week. However, the sky began to grow dark as the day rolled on. As the ceremony time neared, the sound of the wind was slowly overcome by the "pitter patter" of rain drops beginning to fall. Finally, the decision was made; the ceremony needed to be moved inside. But what about the beautiful, outdoor venue? What about all of the amazing pictures that were going to be captured that day? Would the bride and groom now never get the wedding memories that they dreamed of?

Aaron and Lisa hold a special place in our hearts, and not just because we are related to them! Aaron is Andrea's older brother, and by their wedding, Lisa was already part of the family. We don't normally get to be this "hand's on" with the wedding details with our clients, but since we already knew Lisa and Aaron, we were able to enjoy little blessings like visiting their venue with them months before their wedding day! Andrea was able to unleash her "creative" side as they planned all of the decorations and details while visiting the venue! Their rustic style combined with simple details matched their venue choice perfectly! Since they had already booked a photographer before "Josh and Andrea Photography" was created, we were more than happy to just sit back and enjoy the day...until Andrea found out she was going to be in the wedding party and Josh found out he could run videography for the day! (You should ask him how it went sometime ;)

The choice to go with Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn in Berrien Springs was one of the first decisions that Aaron and Lisa checked off of their "Wedding Checklist"! The barn itself has just the right balance of a "rustic" atmosphere while still being equipped with amenities that make the experience enjoyable for everyone! Directly to the right of the barn is Hidden Vineyard's incredible outdoor ceremony location, complete with a beautiful backdrop including "the Tree." One look at Hidden Vineyard's Instagram shows that their tree is one of the highlights of the wedding day for most couples as they bring their own decorations to incorporate their wedding day's personal style into the tree.

However, we can't just spend the five minutes telling you about of the other 100 incredible aspects of Hidden Vineyard, because we want to tell you about something that most individuals wouldn't be able to. Sadly, Aaron and Lisa's wedding did eventually get rained out, and when we say rained out, we mean "flood-warning-for-Berrien-County" rained out. However, Hidden Vineyard went so far above and beyond by allowing Aaron and Lisa to return a month later to reshoot their wedding portraits after the Hidden Vineyard wedding season had ended. Seriously, who does that?? The Hidden Vineyard staff clearly showed that they care for their clients and will do whatever they can to make your wedding day perfect! Since the reshoot was scheduled later in the year, we were both able to have the honor of lead shooting their second round of wedding portraits!

Aaron and Lisa, we just love you two! We love you both as your own people, but when you come together, you both truly draw out the best in each other. Rejoicing with you on your wedding day was made even better when we got to celebrate all over again during your wedding portraits! We can't wait to see how your story continues and we are even more excited that we will get to be a part of that story too!

bride and groom hidden vineyard wedding barn Justin Alexander tree
hidden vineyard wedding barn sign white fence

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