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J&A Milestone | Anniversary Session | Amy and Jordan Demos | Phoenix, AZ

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The sunlight was just starting to dip below the first mountain range, casting an incredible array of colors across the desert expanse. We looked at each other for probably the 200th time and simply said, "Can you believe this is happening?" Our rental car's A/C was the only thing keeping us cool, especially since we were about to meet two people who had been so instrumental in our lives for the past 2 years! The reality of the evening hadn't quite set in, when suddenly...a car pulled up, looking for a parking spot. Our photographers had arrived, and the haze of "what is happening" instantly left our mind, only to be replaced by "WHAT IS HAPPENING!?" A few moments later, we found ourselves outside greeting our virtual mentors in person for the very first time; and for the next two hours, we are blessed with the treat of being in front of the camera for once as we got to watch two pros do what they do best: love and serve their clients well!

And that's about all that we are going to write! Yes, we know, this isn't a normal blog; but we realized that we never got a chance to share our Anniversary session, and instead of us trying to copy what Amy and Jordan had to say, we figured it would be much easier to simply share their Blog with you this week!

Simply click below, and we will take you right over to see their work and skill in action!

Amy and Jordan's Blog Post

Amy and Jordan, we have already said this multiple times over the past few months, but thank you; not just for the time that you spent with us in the desert, but also for the impact you have had on our lives over the past few years. Your love for people, photography, and God are all so challenging and we love having people in our lives who are constantly pushing us in each of these areas! You two (and the rest of your family ;) are loved! - J&A


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