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Jess and Chris | Beach Engagement Shoot | South Haven, Michigan

Their journey together began on a beach.

On the other side of the nation, the two of them sat watching the sunset. He proposed right then and there, amidst the hustle and bustle of the California beach. Although he was originally nervous that people being around would spoil the mood, he quickly realized...that no one was paying attention to them. What a way to begin your engagement!

Jess and Chris were definitely "a long way from Kansas" when we met them for their beach engagement shoot in South Haven, Michigan. Originally from Las Vegas, these two chose to not let COVID spoil their lives or the fact that they got engaged this year. They decided instead to rent a fifth-wheel, pack up, and explore America on the "road-trip of the lifetime!" (You can actually follow them on their journey here!)

These are two absolutely...hilarious together. It's the "you find yourself laughing with them after you just met them 5 minutes ago" kind of hilarious! Chris was a NATURAL at our guy poses, and Jess' "calm and serious" face had us wondering if we were actually getting to work with models! (Just sayin, if the RV life isn't for you two, you might wanna look into some modeling gigs!)

Jess and Chris, we are already so looking forward to the fun that we are going to have on your wedding day. Your love for each other is playful yet sincere, energetic but deep and intentional. When you two become one on your wedding day, we are going to LOVE cheering you on from the back of the room....oh...and taking pictures too. Yep, we'll be doing that too!

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