Kathleen and Ben | Engagement Shoot | Grand Haven, MI | Rosy Mound

Even though the snow storm was beginning to roll in across the lake, the forest was quiet, like the calm before the storm. The freezing temperatures lingered around us as we traveled through the snow, searching for the "pines" that our couple had told us about. And suddenly, they appeared before us, a tall pine grove in the middle of a forest right off of the shoreline of Grand Haven, Michigan. We looked around and then looked at each other, knowing we were thinking the same thing: these portraits were going to be incredible!

Kathleen and Ben were another of our "Instagram" couples that we have so enjoyed getting to know and meet over the social media platform. We have always wanted to use our social media as simple as that: a way to encourage others to be more "social" again. Each of our followers are greeted by a personal message from us, as we strive to connect and encourage anyone and everyone we come in contact with! However, even though Instagram is a great "meeting place," one of our favorite times with our couples is the initial "Zoom Meeting" where we get to meet "face to face" and get to know them past the initial "Instagram Bio."

We have heard other photographers call their clients "troopers" when it comes to couples who brave harsh conditions for their portraits, but we'd like to go a step further and say that Kathleen and Ben were literally "commandos" during their snowy engagement shoot! With temperatures in the teens, these two didn't even look cold as they strolled through snow-covered woods, frozen trails, and a wintery downtown! Every once and while, we would hear Kathleen or Ben just break out into laughter as we were walking between different locations, and when we turned around, it was obvious that these two simply love being together, even if they might not be able to feel their face!

Kathleen and Ben, your joy in being around each other literally made us want to have our engagement photos taken again! The way in which you support each other and infuse fun into each moment is such a precious gift, and we can easily tell that it is simply because of who you are that these traits flow so freely from you both! If anything, your engagement shoot has made us even MORE excited for your wedding this year! (If that is even possible!) See you soon..and thanks again for the hand warmers! ;)

- J&A

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