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Katie + Alex | Wedding | South Bend, Indiana | Elopement Coverage

The storm clouds loomed, not only in person, but also on everyone's weather apps. The beautiful day that had been planned for so long was in jeopardy of becoming an "indoor-exclusive" day, something that no one wanted. But the forecast was firm; it would begin raining around 3:30, right before pictures were supposed to begin, and it would continue in intensity through the rest of the evening. The only hope for Katie and Alex's wedding was a miracle...

Many times a certain word or phrase will pop into our minds as we interact with our couples, and as we got to meet and interact with Katie and Alex, the word "excitement" immediately came to our minds. These two are simply thrilled with the fact that they were getting married, and that excitement shown through every part of the day! From the first moment they saw each other at the first look, to the tears that were shed while reading their vows, the idea of being married was the energy that fueled this entire day!

Oh, that's right, you'd still like to know how their day ended, right? The first look began with a soft sprinkle, which eventually gave way to a light rain. With umbrellas in hand, we decided to make an attempt to get some outdoor photos before the storm really began to pour. But suddenly...without warning, the rain started to become lighter, and before we knew what had happened, we were able to not only get every single picture taken outside before the wedding, but Katie and Alex were able to have all of their bridal party and family formals outside as well! And so, a day that was almost completely rained out turned into a day where the rain simply kept us indoors for only the about that for a miracle and answer to prayer?

Katie and Alex, never lose the excitement that you two have for each other and for marriage. It is truly infectious and after just spending a few hours with you, we can already see what you two see in each other! What an amazing team you both are going to be together! Wishing you all the best as you get to celebrate again next year when you are joined with even more friends and family to celebrate your marriage!

- J&A

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