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Katie + Trey | Engagement | Milledgeville, GA

He showed up an hour early for band practice. She was held back an hour later than normal at a meeting. Their paths crossed. The rest is history.

Even though Katie and Trey had seen each other before around college and church, they really hadn't had a full conversation until this moment. As Trey had shown up early to practice and needed a key to get in to the building, Katie was more than eager to volunteer! After speaking with Trey and walking away, Katie called her mom. "Oh wow! I just got to talk to this really cute guy and I hope I'm going to marry him one day!"

This engagement session was a special one for us. Not only did Josh and Katie grow up together as their mom's are best friends, but she and Trey also live in Georgia about 2 hours from Josh's parents. We loved the excuse to travel down for some vacation time in Georgia and be able to snap engagement photos at the same time!

Josh and I had the fun of experiencing downtown Milledgeville with these two! We got to capture some photos in front of the college where they both attended, as well as a couple other fun downtown locations. This historical town has so much to offer and we can't wait to get even more photos on their wedding day!

One of our favorite moments with Katie and Trey was after the photo shoot. We drove down to Chick-fil-A, grabbed some supper, and then (due to indoor covid restrictions) we sat in Trey's truck bed and visited. We enjoyed getting to hear more about their story, their future home, and just simply talk about MARRIAGE: the ups, the downs, the growing, the fun, and so much more! It is so evident that these two are in it for the long haul and their true desire is to put Jesus first in their relationship with each other.

Katie and Trey, we wish you all the best! Never stop being willing to grow and learn with and more about each other. Marriage is just a fun, exciting journey and we couldn't be happier for you both! See you in August for your BEST DAY EVER!

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