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Katie + Trey | Wedding | Milledgeville, GA | Lockerly Arboretum

"Happy Wedding Day, Everybody!!"

With all of the weddings that we have had the honor of shooting so far, very few have ever had something we would consider a "catch-phrase" for the day. However, Katie and Trey's gorgeous Georgia wedding was one of the exceptions!

Everything was almost ready. Even though they were only a few rooms apart, they could feel the distance; dreaming of the moment that would soon come where they would finally see each other for the first time on their wedding day!

Katie's group of girls was the perfect combination of friends and family! These sweet girls truly loved Katie and were such a joy to work with! The fact that Josh knew some of the bridesmaids from when he was growing up in Georgia just added to the fun of getting to meet and hang out with them!

Josh could literally go on and on about Trey and his guys! With his dad as his best man and his church friends on either side, Trey was well supported from the time he arrived at the church to the time we had to kick the guys out of the room for Trey's first look with Katie! The jokes flew back and forth as they got dressed, talking about the history of the church and how well-loved Trey was loved by the teens who he worked with every week!

The joy and excitement of the whole day was so evident every time you were around Katie. Every time a person walked in the room or was anywhere near Katie, she would excitedly call out, "Happy Wedding Day!!" All day long, Andrea had a blast seeing the true joy and bubbling excitement of this gorgeous bride eagerly waiting to marry her groom!

Katie's "something borrowed" was the beautiful pearl necklace of her mother's. Being able to watch as her mother put it on was such a sweet moment between these two. Katie's "something old" was also a very special feature that was added to her wedding dress, and you'll find more about it later!

And just like that, it was time for this beautiful bride to meet her handsome groom and be whisked off to their bridal portraits at the splendid Lockerly Arboretum!

Can we just say that the groom's sister covering her dad's eyes was our absolute favorite part of this picture?!

Katie's "something old" was something very special indeed! She was able to get a portion of her grandmother's wedding dress sewn into her own wedding dress. What a reminder to carry with her throughout her day!

These two truly wanted Jesus to be proclaimed in their ceremony. Their pastor clearly explained what marriage was really all about and we loved getting to see these two kiss for the first time as husband and wife!

We were finally nearing the end of this special day and getting ready to send these two off on their honeymoon! But before all that could happen, we loved witnessing this new husband and wife love on everyone who came to their wedding by taking time to stop and visit with them during the reception.

Katie and Trey, this is it! The great beginning to your story together! We can honestly say that you all are the first couple we got to share Chick-Fil-A with in the back of a pick-up truck after your engagement shoot, and we wouldn't want to change that for anything! Remember your vows, remember this day, and always remember the One who brought you together! You two are the BEST! We love you! Happy Wedding Day!

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