Kellie and Taylor | Engagement Shoot | Al Sabo Land Preserve | Kalamazoo, MI

"So my friend warned me that engagement photos are really awkward, but that was actually really fun!"

There are moments since we started Josh and Andrea Photography that we consider to be "Goal Achievers." They haven't happened often, but when they do, it's because a client tells us something for the first time that we hope to hear from more and more people as we grow. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, because this happened at the END of Kellie and Taylor's session!

Kellie and Taylor definitely win the award for "most unique client meeting of 2020;" when we first met them via video call, Kellie was in Michigan and Taylor was in North Carolina! Both of their majors had them locked into certain locations on the map, but we could easily see (even through a computer screen) how much these two absolutely adore each other. Their story matches so many others for 2020; with the planning and prep being affected by the pandemic. However, these two are rolling with the punches and shared with us some of their creative "ideas" to help make their wedding a success while still involving as many people as possible! (Stay tuned for later in the year to see how it turned out!)

When we were chatting with Kellie and Taylor a week before their session, we asked them for a "genre" that they would like for their engagement photos. Because hey, everyone is different! Some people are more of "beach" people while other couples are "urban" all the way! Kellie and Taylor immediately agreed that "woods" would be perfect for their photos and we already had the perfect location in mind!

Al Sabo Land Preserve is located near Kalamazoo and we had heard rumors that it might be a great location for us and our "light and joyful" style. By the time we had arrived and walked around, we had some ideas for what Kellie and Taylor's session "could" be. Needless to say...we were not ready for how PERFECT Al Sabo was going to be for Kellie and Taylor's engagement session!

Kellie and Taylor, we loved spending the evening with you two and finally getting to know you two without a computer screen between us! Your passion for your careers are only eclipsed by your love for each other, and when we think about December, we are so excited to get to hang out with you again; and this time on your wedding day! Until then!

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