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Kellie + Taylor | Winter Wedding

Updated: Jan 5

The lights twinkled merrily as she walked down the middle aisle. A room filled to the brim with Christmas lights and candles shone a soft, warm light onto her friends and family, revealing the face of the one who she had been waiting so long for. There he stood, her handsome groom, waiting to hold her hands and join their lives together. It was finally time...their wedding day was here...and it was more beautiful than they could have ever imagined.

Kellie and Taylor's Winter Wedding was just the right mixture of Christmas Spirit and incredible beauty. From the field where they shared their tearful first look and vows, to the Christmas lights that dressed the walls of their ceremony, each part of the day left us knowing that these two would remember this day forever! As we walked through the day with Kellie and Taylor, the word "light" came to our mind; and not just because of the decorations. The love and appreciation that Kellie and Taylor showed to everyone on their wedding day was something that struck us a beautifully unique. On a day which is normally all about the bride and groom, Kellie and Taylor repeatedly thanked their friends and family for the generosity and the selflessness they showed the bride and groom by helping them get ready.

As we closed out 2020 with Kellie and Taylor's wedding, we could clearly see one of the best things that has come out of 2020 on full display: family and friends being there for each other. In the time span of just a few weeks, Kellie and Taylor's family and friends were able to pull off what some would consider almost impossible: turning somewhere "normal" into an absolutely beautiful wedding venue! By the time we walked into their friend's poll barn on their wedding day, the entire structure had been covered from top to bottom in Christmas lights and Christmas trees!

Kellie and Taylor, what can we say except that we just love you two! From our "split Skype" meeting (can we just remember that we didn't even know what "Zoom" was last year?) to hanging out at Al Sabo and laughing about Josh's trying to start a campfire story, we have so enjoyed getting to know you two and your love for each other. The team you two create is truly beautiful, and we know that everyone around you is going to be shown "light" by your joy of life and love for each other! Now we just have to go camping sometime!

- J&A

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