Kelsey + Noah | Al Sabo Land Preserve | Kalamazoo, MI | Engagement Shoot

The rain had finally stopped, allowing us to continue with Kelsey and Noah's engagement shoot. However, every photographer was getting out of their car at the same time in a subtle (yet deliberate) race to be the first to get back onto the trails. We rounded the last corner before getting to the clearing that we had been using, only to find that another photographer had already set up their gear and was preparing to begin their family shoot. We slowly walked past, hoping to find a spot that was as beautiful as our first location. Thankfully, Al Sabo does not disappoint, and as soon as we rounded the next corner, we found ourselves in a sun-filled clearing, rich with the warm light that we had been looking for. With a smile, we turned to Kelsey and Noah and simply said, "This is perfect."

We normally first interact with our couples through email when they inquire with us, but Kelsey and Noah were the exception to the rule! After the first phone call, we knew that these two were going to be a blast to work with, and their engagement shoot showed us that we were not going to be disappointed! In spite of rain and a slightly crowded location, these two were complete naturals in front of the camera from the first photo to the last!

Al Sabo is one of our top locations for engagement shoots...but not for the reason you may think. Don't get us wrong, the fields and pines are incredible, and the famous "field tree" is to die for, but one of our favorite parts of Al Sabo is the walk it takes to get anywhere. We know it takes a little bit longer for photos, but that time to hang out and just get to know each other is so important for us as we get to know our couples, their story, and their hearts!

Kelsey and Noah, your excitement to be with each other for the rest of your lives is so evident when you are together! The little whispers and laughs during your session reminded us of when we were engaged, and the excitement we had that one day soon, we were going to be married! Enjoy this journey and enjoy being engaged; because soon, your "fiancé" is going to become your "spouse"! And that is something to celebrate!

- J&A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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