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Leah + Andy | Provin Trails | Grand Rapids, MI | Engagement Session

Weddings are, by far, our favorite when it comes to photography sessions. The joy of the day, the rush of energy, and the constant excitement to make sure that we get every shot and every angle that our couples are expecting from us! You might have even gotten to see some of our past weddings here on the blog, but what you may not know is that one of these weddings was an "audition" for us...well, at least that's what Leah and Andy thought!

Long story short, we shot Maddie and David's wedding back in June, and at their wedding, we got to meet Leah (Maddie's sister and Maid of Honor) and Andy! These two were so much fun to hang out with during the wedding day, and Andy even joked with us that since they were also engaged, "We'll be watching you this wedding for your audition for ours!"

After Maddie and David's wedding, it did not take long for Leah and Andy's inquiry to land in our email and before we knew it, we were meeting them at Provin Trails near Grand Rapids for their very own "J&A Engagement Session"! Leah and Andy are two people who are truly comfortable in who they are, and we loved getting to see moments during the session that clearly displayed who they were and what they enjoy! From Andy using his wood-working skills to hand craft Leah's ring Leah showing off her dance moves on a bridge, this session was so uniquely them, and we hope we can encourage more of our couples to really let their "personalities" shine in their engagement photos!

Leah and Andy, this session only got us more excited for seeing you next year at your wedding! We already know it is going to be so much fun since we already know that you two bring the fun wherever you go! Just make sure you save some of those special desserts for us, ok? - J&A

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