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Maddie + David | Wedding | Kent Country Club, MI

The rush and busyness of the day had finally begun, but in this perfect moment, none of that mattered. She softly held the letter, her eyes focusing on every word that her soon-to-be husband had written to her earlier that day. On the other side of the building, the emotions were tangible in the room as he also opened and received the written words of love from the woman that he would soon be looking into her eyes and saying “I do.”

When we book with an engaged couple, we normally get to spend months (and sometimes years) with our couples before their wedding day! However, due to some quick rescheduling and replanning, we were brought onto Maddie and David’s wedding team in just the last couple of months; but after our first Zoom call with Maddie, we knew that we were going to completely love these two. (Spoiler Alert: they did not disappoint!) We finally got to “officially” meet David out on the golf course on the wedding day, and it wasn’t long before we could see what Maddie saw in him.

David (or DP) has such a fun personality, but there is a depth to him too. Even though we got to spend just one day with him, we got to see both sides come out, whether on the dance floor or during their beautifully emotional first-look. One of our favorite moments from our interactions with him was Maddie exclaiming “You went with the bow-tie! I love it!” It’s those little moments that show how much thought David put into his outfit to make sure that Maddie knew he was thinking of her and what she would love. Gentlemen, take note, this is how you do it right!

Maddie was completely radiant in her beautiful wedding dress! She is the type of bride who lights up any room she walks into! She displayed this through her caring heart with her bridesmaids, her sweet gift to her father, her loving comments throughout the day to her groom, and her spunky, happy spirit as she twirled around the dance floor having fun with everyone she interacted with! Maddie, you are truly a joy to be around!

David and his guys were such a laid back, fun group of guys and David’s brother’s best man speech was, by far, one of the most heart-felt, sincerest speeches we have yet to hear at a wedding. However, not to be outdone by the guys were Maddie and her awesome “Bride Tribe” who stood by her through every moment of her day; all the way from getting ready and the first look, to the reception and dancing the night away! This whole crew were all-stars, especially considering how they patiently dealt with mid to high 80s temps for most of the day!

But when we think about the day as a whole, one moment stands out above all the rest. As their ceremony proceeded and as various Scripture passages were being read over the couple, we paused for a second to just look at these two. Two lives, coming together, now becoming one. You could see it on both of their faces; even though they were surrounded by friends and family, in this moment, they were the only two who existed in the whole world. Their hopes and dreams for their lives together had all culminated in this beautiful, perfect moment.

And just like that, the moment “crescendoed” as the officiant loudly proclaimed “I now pronounce you husband and wife!” They celebrated with their first kiss as husband and wife…and they began rest of their lives…together.

Maddie and David, your wedding brought us close to tears at so many moments throughout the day. We could so easily feel the love you have, both for each other and for your friends and family. Let love be the guide now, as you enter this exciting, new stage of life called "Marriage!" It is truly such a joy, to love and be loved; and after we spent the day with you two, we know that you will be loving each other for years to come.

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.

Dress Shop: Bianka Bridal

Dress: Ti Adora

Florist: Green Goddess Farms

Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist: Chasing Vanity Salon

Venue: Kent Country Club

DJ: Adrian Butler

Videographer: Xavier Nicole Films

Catering: Kent Country Club

Cake: Kent Country Club


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