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Meet Josh Caton (By Andrea)

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I met Josh in 2011. He wore baggy clothes and had a mushroom top mop of hair. I was first attracted to him by his cute, black and white Facebook profile pic. I then fell in love with his ability to do sign language, sing, play the guitar, and his joyful, fun spirit.

black and white young man thinking

Ok, but you didn’t want to know what he WAS like…you want to know about the amazing, handsome, fun, and awesome person he is now. Me? Biased? No!

His name is Josh. Not Joshua. Not Joshua Daniel. Josh. If you call him “Joshua”, he will instantly tense up like he has done something wrong. And in case you’re wondering, no. I never call him “Joshua”.

He is the most studious person I have ever met. If he wants to know more about a subject, he will read and read or watch YouTube to learn more about it.

handsome man sitting drinking holding coffee

He is detailed. We often tease that he can take 10 minutes to explain something that takes me 10 seconds. He’s not the person who will just give you one word for your question. I admire his ability to carry on conversation and ask asking amazing questions to get to know someone.

He’s super organized and self-motivated. He basically makes Excel Spreadsheets report back to him on a daily basis. His self-motivation keeps himself structured and on task with every job he’s been given. The word lazy is not in his vocabulary.

handsome man standing smiling looking at camera

He’s personal. He sees each person as a person and not an element of his schedule. He cares deeply about giving value to everyone he meets.

He is passionate. Whether it’s his passion for Jesus, his favorite YouTube series, or coffee, he lets his passions give him joy and purpose for every day he lives. I think that it’s this reason that he works hard to do well at every task he encounters.

Last but not least, Josh is my best friend. He's the one who spoils me rotten, treats me like a princess, and always points my focus back to God. He's the one I can't wait to come home to at the end of the day, and the one I want hang out with all the time!

Need I say more? I could, trust me. But there’s this thing called “word count” and my detailed hubby might notice. ;)

There you have it. I present to you, my favorite person ever…JOSH.

man holding camera taking picture of Grand Canyon


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