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Melanie + Matt | Jean Klock Park | St. Joe, Michigan | Engagement Shoot

Fall was slowly growing closer and closer to winter, and the forecast was beginning to warn of colder temperatures. Our October, which had been our busiest month of photography up to this point, was almost over, and we hoped that the weather in St. Joe would stay friendly just a few days longer. The evening finally arrived for Melanie and Matt's engagement shoot, and to our joyful surprise; the temps stayed up and the night was a dream with the sunlight staying with us right up until the last few moments as one of the first storms of the season rolled in.

Our friendship with Melanie and Matt began where so many of our client friendships start: Instagram! We have always been firm believers in making social media "more social," so we have always tried to do our best by commenting and interacting with every single person that decides to follow us! This is exactly how we first met Melanie, and soon our conversation had moved over to her wedding to Matt in 2021! We instantly loved chatting with Melanie, and soon we already had their wedding photos and engagement shoot booked and scheduled!

This October evening in St. Joe turned out to be the perfect backdrop for Melanie's vision for their photos. She had already picked multiple locations, and when we asked why she specifically wanted those places, she began to share how these places were close to where she and Matt lived and how these places had been really important to them and their relationship. We instantly exclaimed "Say no more!"; and we were so glad we did, because we would have never gotten to explore Jean Klock Park and the incredible beaches and trails that wrapped around the entire area! Combine their two dogs, Rizzo and Jordan (who for SURE have their own IG account that you should TOTALLY check out!) and the entire evening of love and laughter was complete!

Melanie and Matt, we could literally feel your laughter and joy as we looked over your photos one last time! Meeting you was the perfect end to our October, and it got us even more excited for hanging out with you two again next year! We can't wait to see Rizzo and Jordan at the wedding and to celebrate with you, your friends and family when you finally get to say "I do" in 2021! Until then!

(P.S. Silver Beach Pizza was delicious!)

- J&A

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