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Meridon + Brandon | Local Park Engagement Shoot | Kalamazoo, MI

"We are really wanting to capture the colors of fall in our engagement shoot. But we also know that you can't guarantee colors, so we'll just hope for the best!" "Hope for the best" was the understatement of the year as Michigan once again came through for us by keeping its beautiful colors up on the trees just long enough for Meridon and Brandon's fall engagement shoot last month. But although the weather was perfect and the colors shone, Meridon and Brandon's soft, sweet spirits were the final aspect that made this evening truly inspiring.

If we could describe the evening in one word, it would be "anticipation." Although we have known about Meridon and Brandon for almost an entire year, this was the first time the four of us were able to meet in person. From the first moments walking into the local park near Kalamazoo, our evening was filled of sharing stories and exploring all of the colors and sights that Milham Park had to offer. The more time we spent with Meridon and Brandon, the more we could sense a quiet anticipation welling up inside of them: these engagement photos meant they were one step closer to their wedding day, one step closer to the rest of their lives.

Meridon and Brandon, we feel like our own anticipation for your wedding has grown simply because of the time we were able to spent with you on your engagement shoot! As you both move towards your wedding next year, remember to enjoy this short season of being engaged, it's such a beautiful gift and unfortunately, so many of us try to get through it too quickly and don't stop to enjoy it for all that it is. We can't wait to see you two again next year and celebrate with you that the day you have dreamed about is finally here!

See you soon!

J + A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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