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Mitchell Family | Family Photo Shoot | South Haven, MI

We've all been there. You are invited to a party and you have an idea in your head of what it will be like. You show up, excited to hang out and enjoy the evening with your friends; but when you walk in the door, you suddenly realize "I am way underdressed for this."

We've had the honor of knowing Ben and Bekka for the last 2-3 years. Ever since they started coming to our church, we've hung out with them a few times and we even got to celebrate along with them when their little girl, Maddie, joined their family last year! After talking about our idea for a "family-styled shoot" for a couple of months, we were finally able to make it happen and this family completely blew us away!

Since photoshoots don't normally happen often for families, we always encourage them to "Dress to the Nine's!" Ben and Bekka were the perfect example of this, as they used their time leading up to the shoot to find and order different outfits that lined up exactly with our "Family Style Guide" that we gift to all of our clients! We had always wondered what a family would look like who followed every suggestion we give, and now we know! Bekka's dress was drop-dead gorgeous, and Ben was killing it in his dress pants/sport jacket combo. Maddie was the one who stole the show though as she rocked her little jean top and tulle skirt combo, which got the "awwww" factor from Mom, Dad, and the photographers all throughout the shoot!

Ben and Bekka, we love your little family and we love hanging out with you all! Let's do it again sometime, but this time, let's make it sooner rather than later, sound good?

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC


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