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My Favorite Captured Photo (by Andrea)

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Kids are my comfort zone. They bring me joy and make me smile even if the world around me is spinning. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that my favorite photo thus far involves a child.

Some people like photos for different reasons; for some it's the feeling behind the moment being captured and for others it's the artistic essence of the photo. I have TWO reasons why the photo below ranks up there as being a "favorite"! After my description, I'll let you decide whether I lean toward the feeling or artistic side in how I choose favorites.

cute family photo shoot daughter smiling holding hands grass spring

The First Reason

That day we got to meet sweet Molly. When you first meet a child, it can take them awhile to warm up to you. Molly took about 2 minutes max. After that she was fine with Josh playing with her while I took photos of Dad and Mom. She and Josh had fun meeting the chickens and or just patiently waiting.

When it came time for photos, Molly was ALL smiles! It's a fact that kiddos need breaks every now and then to get them away from the camera in their face and have a change of pace for a couple minutes. But she was a trooper. She was chill and smiley, almost as if she was used to having a camera in her face all the time. (Which her beloved grandparents would probably say that that was the case;)) We kept telling her parents that Molly was spoiling us. To which they probably thought we were just being nice. But no, it was true. By the end of our time together, we were officially buddies!

cute family photo shoot daughter smiling holding hands grass spring

After leaving the shoot Josh says to me, “Andrea, I just want you to realize. Not every kid is going to be like Molly.” And yes, although that may be the case, I am finding that I still get to love and enjoy each different child for their quirks and personalities!

The Second Reason

Josh and I were still at the beginning stages of shooting photos together as a duo team. Thus, we were super excited when my work friends, Heather and Jake, asked us to do their family photos. They wanted to do their photos in their yard which incorporated in some lovely trees, a cornfield, and a barn.

This was the shoot where things started to "click" for me. Josh and I had been switching over to a certain style of photography and still learning how to best utilize light and backgrounds. This was the shoot I learned the importance of layering trees in the backgrounds...the shoot where I discovered the importance of pastel clothes that help attribute to a "light and airy" photo...the shoot where I fell in love with the gorgeous greens that God had created...the shoot where Josh was editing the photos and I was able to walk in and think, "We took that?!" Does this all mean that I didn't like the photos we'd taken before these? Oh, no! I did. Did I like the photos we took after this shoot? Oh, yes. But this was the time that I was able to see different puzzle pieces of training that we had been working on all come together. (Plus, we had some amazing awesome models too! Like seriously...we love these guys!:D)

So there you have it. We all have favorite photos for a reason. Now you have mine.:)

(Other Photos from the Keeler Family Photo Shoot)

cute family photo shoot daughter smiling holding grass spring
cute family photo shoot daughter smiling holding grass spring
cute family photo shoot daughter smiling holding grass spring

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC


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