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My Favorite Captured Photo (By Josh)

One of my favorite pastimes is scrolling through Instagram, just looking at other people's photos. And no, it's not because I'm bored, and it's not even because I wish my life was more like everyone else's. I genuinely enjoy seeing other people's photos because that means I am getting to see something that is special to that person. Whether it's what you are eating, a date with your BF or GF, or even spending time with your dog, (Sorry cat people, dog guy allllll the way over here :) the photos people post have a "specialness" to them that I think shows a tiny bit of what is going inside of a person in that moment.

man and woman sitting on bed with laptop and camera

Over last summer, Andrea and I decided that it was time to create a photo session where we could be free to try some new ideas, and after we corralled our sister (in-law) into coming, we were all set! The light was perfect, and without the pressure of having to take photos in a certain time limit, we were able to create some of our best images that year, including my favorite (below).

pretty woman standing smiling in dress

See, one of my favorite parts of our photography is the moment when we turn the camera around BEFORE any of the post-processing to show our client their photo and they light up and say "That's me!?" There is truly no better feeling. And when you can do that for someone that you already's even better. It was my hope during this shoot to capture some photos that made Andrea feel like that. As photographers, we sometimes aren't the most excited to step in front of the camera; but we're just like everyone else...we like to look good in photos!

Although we traded the camera around quite a bit during the photo shoot, I was able to snag it for a couple of photos of Andrea, and when I snapped this specific one, I saw something...special. I saw a photo that captured the way that I personally see Andrea. Confident. Joyful. Playful. Spirited. And I want her to always know that this is how I see her as well.

Photography is such a gift and you can use it as a gift to others in any season of life. You don't have to be a "professional" or even have a professional camera; just make sure to encourage others when you take photos of them. Show them what you see in them through your photography and always use your photos to build each other up. Who knows what could happen when you begin encouraging others?


The entire shoot was a lot of fun; but by now, you might be wondering, "If both Andrea and you are in the photos, then who's behind the camera?" Enter Janelle Cowles; Andrea's younger sister and fellow traveler with us on this photography journey. Janelle's work is slightly different from ours, which just makes her stand out that much more! Check out her page at @Janelle_bb8 and give her some love! But please don't tell her I sent you, I DO have an image to keep up around the family ;)

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