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New Beginnings...

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

"For me it was a hobby. I’d been taking pictures since before I could remember." - Andrea

Photographer man and woman holding hands smiling and laughing
The Founders of Josh and Andrea Photography

In 2014, right before Josh and I got married, I did something I’d always wanted to do but never had the guts to. I bought a DSLR camera. I figured it was to be my last “big money” purchase before tying the knot and having to be more money conscious. That Canon T5i has served me well for many years. From begging my friends to let me take photos of their babies, to dragging my siblings outside for their senior year photos, I began to get practice and found out how much I loved it. Then at the start of 2019, Josh got interested.

Photographer man looking through camera lens

He’s the researcher. He will research and research and research something to death until he has learned all about it and understands exactly how it works. I like that about him. I’m more trial and error and just go with a more feel-it-naturally-I’ll-figure-it-out approach, where he will study the method and science behind a thing to understand exactly how it works.

“Why don’t we start a photography business?” He asks one day. I wasn’t sure. It was my hobby, and for a small bit of time I felt like Josh was encroaching on my world and talents of photography. “Wait. We can’t BOTH be good at photography? That’s MY thing.” But my all-charming husband has a way about him…and he convinced me.

We started by taking hours upon hours of photography classes…TOGETHER. (Check out Amy and Jordan Photography. They are amazing teachers at what they do and we love them!) It was the best thing for us! It showed us how this thing we were starting was a TEAM effort and showed us how we could use our strengths as a married couple to do a business together. Some people say, “I’m married to my husband, but we could NEVER actually work together and do a business together.” Well…that’s kind of what marriage is. Married life IS working together and complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So why shouldn’t we be able to carry that into a business? As time goes on, we are finding what areas we each individually excel at and vice versa.

For example, I normally take lead shooting as I excel at composition. Josh excels at lighting. If I struggle with a "light-setting" scenario, he can quickly remedy the settings for me. After a shoot, I’m the one to cull the photos. (Culling is the act of sort through the thousands of photos and narrowing it down to the BEST ones that flatter each person.) Josh is the Lightroom expert. He’s a master at knowing what each photos needs in regards to making it pop and have the light and airy look that we love. Then when it comes to taking photos, how amazing it is that you can have your favorite side-kick by your side?? We work as a team to make each person laugh and have fun whether it’s by us picking on each other or just being “us”. So yes, it’s still a learning process, but turns out…we love working TOGETHER!

That’s how it all began. A hobby turned into a business of togetherness and I wouldn’t have it any other way!" - Andrea

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