Nicala and Josh | Winter Wonderland Wedding | South Haven, MI

The icy storm that had loomed over South Haven for the past few days showed no signs of stopping. The forecast called for chilly, overcast weather all weekend long; an outlook that no one really wanted. So many things had changed for this dear couple’s wedding already, and the last thing they needed for their wedding day was an icy, wintery mix. We silently packed our gear the night before, praying that something would change between Friday night and Saturday morning, but not being very confident in the outcome. And then, on the morning of the January 2nd, as the clouds began to part and the sun started to peek through, we couldn’t help but think, “Is this a sign of hope for what kind of year 2021 could be?”

Nicala and Josh connected with us back in March over Instagram, and we immediately knew that we were going to love them! There was just something so sweet about how Josh would look at Nicala and smile as she shared her dreams for her wedding with us, and that became more important than ever when they contacted us about some major changes in their wedding day due to Covid. We could tell that this change of events would really push them as a couple, but we were quickly blown away by how gracious and understanding they were with both their families and their friends as they perfectly pivoted to Plan B!

On the morning of their wedding, St. Basil’s Church in South Haven literally glowed as the sunlight shone through the intricate stained glass windows! The sanctuary caught the incoming light and bounced it around, perfectly showing off this gorgeous building that Nicala and Josh had decided to get married in. Their ceremony ended with a special walk out side to the church’s outlook at the South Beach in South Haven where these two danced their first song as husband and wife. After finishing family formals and the bridal party portraits, we made sure that Nicala and Josh were still ok with heading out of town for some special bride and groom portraits; and we are SO thankful that they said yes! What followed were some of the most stunning snowscape photos we have ever gotten to take, as Nicala and Josh effortless showed that even though you might be cold, it is totally worth it when it comes to your wedding portraits!

Nicala and Josh, you two are such a light and joy in our lives. We have absolutely loved seeing your tenacity in not letting anything, even a pandemic, stop you two from becoming husband and wife! We loved seeing the little smiles and nods you gave each other during the ceremony, and we were pumping our fists right along with you as you cheered after you were announced “husband and wife”! And after watching you two fearlessly take photos in (quite literally) “sub-freezing” temperatures, we know you two can take on anything together! You are loved! Happy Wedding Day!

- J&A

All of Nicala's bridesmaids pitched in to design her a photo book with memory photos and handwritten notes by all of them! It was the sweetest thing to see the love these girls poured out on their friend!

Get ready for it. Brace yourself. The "first looks" that happened next in between the two rooms were some of the sweetest moments we've witnessed. The pure love expressed from mother, to sister, to grandfather was simply beautiful.

Ok, it's now time to dry those tears and get these two MARRIED!

Following the ceremony, we headed across the road from the church to a bluff overlook for their first dance. Not only did this bluff overlook the stunning Lake Michigan, but it also stood directly above where Nicala and Josh had their engagement photos taken this past summer. This place will always hold fun memories for these two!

It was finally time...our special chance to spend time with just Nicala and Josh as we moved from the church to outdoors in some of our favorite winter portraits we have ever taken!

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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