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Sam and Nick | Al Sabo Land Preserve | Engagement Shoot | Kalamazoo, MI

"So, we actually have a request for our engagement shoot, do you think we could make it happen?"

"Absolutely! What did you have in mind?"

"Our girls are really special to us and they are a big part of our lives...could we possibly get a few photos with them too?"

"Ummmm YES?!"

When Sam and Nick's family showed up at Al Sabo for their engagement shoot, we instantly knew that this engagement shoot would be, by far, one of the most adorable shoots we were going to have all year. Sam and Nick's two little girls, Sofia and Remi hopped out of the car in their adorable little dresses and proceeded to talk to Andrea the entire way to Al Sabo's gorgeous field! Once we got there, the girls got their photos with mom and dad before Sam and Nick got their own photo shoot!

Photos have been a part of Sam and Nick's relationship since the beginning. "I love photos, having them and getting them taken of us!" Sam told us as we walked to Al Sabo's field. Nick shared that they normally had family photos taken at least once a year, so he was no stranger to being in front of the camera either; which made our job all the easier!

Sam and Nick, we simply just love your little family. The little moments we saw, like Sofia leading her little sister by the hand or Remi clinging to her daddy when she was meeting us for the first time, tell us that the four of you are a great team and that you all truly love each other! We are already looking forward to seeing how you incorporate your family into your wedding next year, and we really can't wait to see Sofia and Remi be your flower girls!

- J&A

(Yes, Sam and Nick were really this brave to climb into a tree! Sam had seen this tree and super wanted to get this shot! Bravo to your climbing skills, you two!)

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