Senior Sessions of 2020: Isaac

We feel like it is "Guys week" for J&A Photography! On Monday, Josh shared on Facebook and Instagram about why he loves getting to hang out with grooms, and today, we are continuing the trend of "Guys Week" with Isaac's Senior Photo Shoot! Guys normally get a bad reputation for being "difficult" or "awkward" in front of the camera, but we've quickly learned that nine time out of ten, that's not the guy's fault; it's the photographers fault! So we are fighting back against that reputation, one session at a time; as we do our best to help our guys look and feel like champions when it comes to photos!

Instead of traveling to a specific location, Isaac was determined that his senior photos were going to happen on his family's property in southwest Michigan; and we have to be honest, it was the BEST decision for his session! As we explored the woods and fields near his home, we were instantly able to see why he loved this area so much! Every turn along the trails running behind his house revealed another beautifully-lit path or wide-open field where our portraits options continued to grow the later we went into the shoot.

Isaac is truly "one-of-a-kind." (It's ok, we can say that. After all, we've known him for years!) We've always said that photographing friends has a different "feel" to it than photographing first-time clients, and Isaac's session was the epitome of this idea! We hadn't even been shooting for 5 minutes before Josh and Isaac were already cracking jokes and making goofy poses, and thankfully Andrea was able to "corral" them both so that every photo we gave to Isaac's Mom wasn't just another goofy photo. But yes...we obviously kept a few of the goofy photos too!

Isaac, we have absolutely loved watching you grow from a teenager into becoming a man over the last few years. We see a lot of your parents in you (which is a good thing, for the record) and yet we also see how you are so clearly your own person! As we chatted with you during your session, and we heard how you were planning for the future, we were so impressed by your maturity in how you are planning for the future and how you are preparing yourself for what comes next! We can't wait to see where this next season of life takes you, and to see how you continue to grow there! You rock man!

- J&A

All Photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.


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