Senior Sessions of 2020: Marissa

Senior Year is stressful.

We know that we probably just blew your mind with that first sentence, but surprisingly, it's true! Between all of the dances, the college visits, and the beloved question "So what are you going to do now?", seniors have a LOT on their plate. Oh, and there's also Senior Photos, did we forget that?

We don't really have any control over your prom and we definitely can't help you out with your college visits, but as far as your senior photos being "stress-free" and maybe even "fun" THAT we can help with! We've created a "Senior Experience" where we help you every step of the way; from guiding you with your outfit options to find the perfect look for you and your style, to having Josh just out of sight cracking jokes to help you show off that amazing smile! So while the snow begins to fall yet again in blustery Michigan, we are taking the next few weeks to share a few of our Senior Sessions from last year with you, starting with Marissa!

Hanging out with Marissa at Al Sabo Land Preserve was one of the highlights of our fall! This sweet senior completely blew us away as she started effortlessly nailing her photos less than five minutes into the session! We immediately had to ask if she had done any modeling or photoshoots before, thinking that we had a "seasoned pro" in front of our cameras. But when we learned that she really didn't take pictures all that often, we might have asked her to come to ALL of our senior sessions to help out with posing tips and tricks!

Even though Marissa is going through one of the craziest school year imaginable, she was the picture of grace during her portraits. We were able to move all over Al Sabo, getting tons of photos with both of her gorgeous outfits! Josh is always wanting to learn about what our seniors like, and his favorite "Senior fact" by far was that Marissa plays on her local soccer team! Since Josh played back in middle school and high school, he feels a "camaraderie" with anyone else who plays. (Even though he needs to be reminded sometimes that those games were a LONG time ago. :)

Marissa, we are cheering for you as you come close to finishing your senior year! Even though we can't see where this next phase of life is going to take you, we just know that you are going to rock it. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the people you have in your life, and enjoy the fun you get to have along the way. We love ya, girl!

- J&A

All Photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography, LLC.


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