Senior Sessions of 2020: Olivia

The intense light cut through the leaves, softening as it deflected off of each layer of leaves in the narrow line of trees. This special kind of light is hard to find, and even harder to photograph, since it isn't around for long before the sun dips below the horizon. But on this shoot, it seemed like the sun had decided it wanted to stay and for the next hour continued to fill our lens with it's creamy goodness. There aren't many things that could have made this session better, but once we met Olivia, we knew that there would be one thing that shone even brighter on this shoot than the sun; it was our senior herself!

As we finish up our little "throwback" into just a few of our senior sessions from last year, there was only one session that we knew we could end on: Olivia's! This session proved to be the perfect blend of so many different factors that we have come to love in this journey: great relationships with vendors, awesome clients, and an experience that our clients will remember for a long, long time!

When Olivia's family reached out asking about senior photos, we could tell that this session was going to be special. Her interests and hobbies seemed to be really specific, and as we chatted with her family about where we could have her senior session, the name of a venue that we know and love came into mind. We instantly hoped onto our email, messaged the venue, and before we knew it, we had booked a local wedding venue for Olivia's senior photos!

Olivia, you are such a joy and delight to be around! We found ourselves leaving the farm hoping to run into you again, as we felt like you infused light and life into anyone who you come in contact with! We hope these images remind you that you are beautiful and that no matter where you are going in this next phase of life, you are going to absolutely excel in it! We can't wait to see where this next chapter takes you, but we know wherever it may be, you will bring light and life with you wherever you go!

- J&A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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