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South Haven Snow-Covered Family Photo Shoot

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

family photo shoot winter south haven

It almost didn’t happen. An ice storm threatened to shut down this side of the state. Family with the new grandbaby had flown all the way from Washington in hopes of reuniting the family and getting that long-awaited photo shoot.

Then morning came. The Michigan roads were clear. The wind had subsided making the temperate just right for winter. A light dusting of snow covered the ground to create a beautiful blanket backdrop. PERFECT.

To say that photographing the Vandenberg family was fun would be an understatement; It was a BLAST! This family just exudes joy to everyone they meet. Their shoot was filled with lots of laughter, teasing, a playful puppy, and a smiley super cute baby!

We’ve had the honor of knowing and being friends with the Hutcheon/Quinn/Vandenburg families for about 4 years now. Johanna was our karate instructor for 2 years when we were students along with her Mom and Dad (Jon and Jame). Throughout those years, we would also get visited by the “famous karate sister,” Danae! Eventually as time went on, we got to meet Johanna’s Jimmy and two sons, and then Danae’s Jake and NOW we finally got to meet their sweet little one! Then of course, you can’t forget the newest addition to the Quinn family, Rogue: a sweet Brittany Spaniel who even has her own IG account @jedipuprogue1!

When asked to capture their family photo shoot at their home near South Haven, we were beyond excited! Just being around them brings a smile to your eyes. Midway through shooting, we were invited into their lovely home for everyone to warm up and get out of the snow before finishing up the second half of photos. Did we mention that HOMEMADE hot chocolate was involved?! Yup. We were treated to Jame’s yummy hot chocolate! It was a few moments of blissful sipping while being able to enjoy warming up and chatting with the family.

Hutcheon/Quinn/Vandenburg family, you all are loved! Thanks for allowing us to capture such sweet memories for your family. Keep being a bright light to all those you encounter every day!

-Josh and Andrea


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