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Tiffany + Alex | Engagement | Fernwood Botanical Garden | Niles, MI

A simple date on a calendar can have a special meaning for any of us. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or even the day that you started dating the person of your dreams, dates tend to stick in our mind in a way that help us celebrate things all year long. But sometimes, if we can plan ahead, we can plan a certain date to have significance, and that's exactly what Tiffany and Alex did for their engagement shoot! On October 8th, we spent the afternoon with Tiffany and Alex as we captured their love and excitement during their engagement session; and on October 8th, 2022, we'll capture that love and excitement all over again on their wedding day!!

Since Tiffany and Alex were over on our side of the state this past weekend, we were able to change things up and go to a brand new location, the Fernwood Botanical Gardens! By the time we had walked around for a few minutes, we quickly realized that our hardest job of the afternoon was going to be determining which beautiful location we were going to spend the most time at! Since Tiffany and Alex had already been to a wedding that we had shot earlier this year, they already had a front-row seat to how we worked, and it showed on their engagement shoot! By the time we had switched to their second outfit, we were blown away with how many photos these two could take; which worked out perfectly with our session being cut short by five minutes when the rain we had been watching all afternoon suddenly arrived 30 minutes early!

Tiffany and Alex, we very rarely get to know our couples so well before the engagement shoot; but after seeing you at a previous wedding and connecting with you multiple times over social media, we can honestly say that we felt like we were spending the afternoon with people that we had known for a long time! From hearing about your wedding planning as we walked through the garden, to almost getting drenched at the very end, the whole afternoon was simply and perfectly a delight. We are already so excited to see you both again, both to capture your gorgeous wedding day and to simply spend more time with you two!

See you soon!

J + A

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