Your Wedding Checklist for your Bridal Details

It's the moment when you put your second earring on and gaze into the mirror, making sure it fits just right. It's the third...maybe fourth time that you've tied your tie, ensuring that it's going to look perfect for your bride. It's all the little things that come together to make your wedding day, well, YOUR wedding day. It's all in the details.

Every single bride and groom that we work with is beautifully unique. They all have different likes, different styles, and an overall different vibe for their wedding! However, as we think back over the weddings we've shot, there are few places where this comes to light more prominently than their bridal details! And while these might not be the portraits you have always dreamed about for your wedding day, these will definitely be the portraits that transport you back in time to the morning of your wedding day.

These portraits are so important to us, that we don't "leave it up to chance" that our brides and grooms will know to have them ready for us! (Let's face it, you have enough things to think about!) In order to save time on the wedding day and allow you even more time for photos, we always send out this list for a “Details Box”! Basically, this is to inform you what items Andrea and Josh will need at the beginning of the day to start photographing while you and the wedding party are still getting ready. We have found it easier for our brides and grooms to gather the items into one place or box BEFORE the wedding day as it saves you time in not having to search and get everything into one place once we arrive!

J&A's Detail List for Brides and Grooms

In the Bridal Suite:

  • Your COMPLETE Invitation suite: Invites, RSVP card, envelope, save the date, etc

  • All of the rings (His and Hers)

  • Accessories: earrings, shoes, hair clips, perfume, etc.

  • Wedding dress and veil

  • Vows

  • Bouquet

  • Any gifts or letters from your groom

  • Anything else that will be special to you on your wedding day!

In the Groom’s Suite:

  • Shoes

  • Tie

  • Watch

  • Cuff links or tie clip

  • Handkerchief

  • Boutonnière

  • Vows

  • Any gifts or letters from your bride

  • Anything else that will be special to you on your wedding day!

Photos from blog:

Maddie + David | Wedding | Kent Country Club, MI

Photos from blog:

Paula + Jared | Cozy Winter Wedding | Bay Pointe Woods | Shelbyville, MI

Photos from blog:

Courtney + Matt | America One Event Center | Wedding | Jackson, MI

Photos from blog:

Kellie + Taylor | Winter Wedding

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