Samantha and Austin | Engagement Shoot | Black Barn Wedding Venue | Rives Junction, MI

As we wrapped up the last few photos and headed back towards the venue, we were explaining to Sam and Austin how we would get them their portraits. "Oh, and before we forget to tell you, you also get a blog!" Sam's eyes instantly lit up with excitement, "Oh I KNOW! I cannot wait to see ours!!" So to Sam who is reading's finally here! We cannot wait for you to see all of your GORGEOUS portraits!

Our first meeting with Sam was in the middle of a parking lot during her lunch break. As we sat and listened to her story over Zoom, we instantly knew that we could be friends with this girl! Not long after, we were able to hop back onto Zoom, this time to meet Austin, and we fell even more in love with this sweet couple. We often say that "marriage is so sweet because we bring out the best in each other," and when we think of Sam and Austin, we can clearly see how they bring out the best in each other! They are genuinely so much fun to be around, as they infused fun and laughter into their entire engagement session.

When we first began as wedding photographers, we were always looking for huge, extravagant wedding venues that have been around for many years. However, we have quickly learned that there are SO many hidden gems in Michigan, with the Black Barn Wedding Venue quickly becoming one of our new favorites! Not only did they allow Sam and Austin to have their engagement session on their property, but the owners and managers sounded just as excited as we were for Sam and Austin's engagement photos and wedding later this spring! (Hint: If your wedding venue owner is just as excited as you are that you are getting married, you've found a keeper!) We quickly found ourselves traveling all over the grounds, walking around the mini-lake front, exploring through the vineyard, and dreaming about how beautiful their huge willow tree will be in May!

Sam and Austin, we have looked forward to meeting you two in person for a long time! Our evening with you guys felt so short, but it gave us so much to look forward to for your wedding in a few months! Until then, keep loving life, keep making each other laugh, and keep celebrating all of these amazing moments that will lead up to your wedding day! We love you guys, and we can't wait to watch you two say "I do" in May!

- J&A

All photos are property of Josh and Andrea Photography LLC.


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